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Sepon sponsors brighter future for Vilabouly youth

(KPL) MMG LXML Sepon (LXML) is helping high school graduates in Vilabouly District to achieve their dreams by providing opportunities for two-year Business Administration Traineeships.

Forty-one trainees have completed the program since it was established in 2006. Many have found employment at LXML.  Others found work elsewhere or are undertaking further study, according to its press release on 21 October.

Eight graduates were awarded diplomas in Business and Management from Savannakhet Technical and Vocational College at a ceremony at the Houay Kong Training Centre on 15 October.

Providing skills training is one of the many ways LXML is building a brighter future for communities close to the mine.  Skills and business qualifications help local youths to gain employment at the mine, in other local business enterprises, or in government offices.

"At MMG, our vision "We mine for progress," means that we provide lasting benefits for the communities where we operate," said Rick Watsford, General Manager of LXML Sepon.  "Education, in particular, is the most important key to development and a better life in the future."

Since operations began in 2003, over one hundred people from Vilabouly District have graduated from skills training programs ranging from eighteen months to five years in duration.  LXML also supports employees by providing scholarships to study abroad to obtain relevant post graduate degrees.

LXML has provided comprehensive training in operations, maintenance, engineering, and construction to thousands of Vilabouly residents.  These qualifications are transferable and will continue to create significant future employment options and other opportunities in the Lao PDR.




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