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Lao New Year Message by President Choummaly Sayasone

Beloved fellow citizens!

On this auspicious day, the first day of the Year of the Horse 2557, I would like to extent best wishes to all my fellow citizens in the country and abroad. I wish you luck and happiness throughout the new year.

The year of the snake 2556 which is about to pass has been a year of perseverance and achievement in protecting and developing our nation although the international and regional situation was complicated and brought about difficulties in various sectors.

The Party and Government are proud to know that Party members, civil servants, military, and police as well as people of all ethnic groups have comprehensively participated in national defense and public security, resulting in strong political stability of the country, social peace, security and order, and promoted spirit of patriotism and hard work. As a result, commercial production and the number of model families increased, we saw increased investment in business activities by local and foreign entrepreneurs, as well visits by foreign guests to our country.

The sam sang movement has proven effective, especially the building of development villages which have made active, directive and successful progress.

Changes have been made to houses in rural areas; political and public administration systems at grassroots levels have been improved, along with the promotion of people’s rights.

Last year, economic growth and social development in our country remained constant, while the living conditions of the people were improved. The number of poor families w as reduced as planned. Our country's cooperation with friendly countries and international organisations continued to be enhanced effectively and our country’s contributions in the international and regional arenas was positive.

On this occasion, I, on behalf of Party and Government leaders, appreciate, applaud, thank and am grateful to Party members, civil servants, military, police and fellow citizens of all ethnic groups across the country, who always trust the Party and Government and participate in the overall cause of the country in a participative and active manner.

The year of the horse 2557 is a year of significance as it is corresponding to the 2014-2015 fiscal year, which is the last year of the 9th Congress of the Party and a year that all of us will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Party and 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and implement the 10th Congress of the Party.

All are historic events which all sectors at both central and local levels have to make achievement to welcome such events.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask fellow citizens of all ethnic groups, party members, civil servants, army, and police to actively promote the fine tradition of the Lao nation and the Lao people in a stronger manner.

I would like to see all people participating in making the Year of Horse a year of solidarity, a year during which mental efforts and dedication are to be promoted for the better livelihood of the people and prosperity and strengthening of the country. I wish you all will overcome all difficulties and challenges.

On the occasion of New Year, Year of Horse, I hope that all of us enjoy happiness and health through the year.

Let Year of Horse 2557 be a year of great luck and victory, a year of happiness that has all wishes become true for all fellow citizens.




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