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Environment cooperation among ASEAN countries urged

(KPL) Deputy Prime Minister Asang Laoly has urged all ASEAN members, ASEAN plus three and Dialogue partners to increase cooperation to promote the sustainable natural resources management and environmental protection in the path of green economy.
The 15th Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Environment meeting held yesterday in Vientiane Capital allowed the participants to review the role of natural resources and environment, which significantly contribute to the socio-economic development under the green growth framework and drive ASEAN to achieve sustainable development and poverty eradication.
"Although our natural resources seem to provide promising future for our region, the ASEAN community which includes Lao PDR is facing the rapid change, mainly, rapid population growth, economic growth in vulnerable sector which is not associated with job creation, the income generation to the poor, and the in rural-urban migration with the alarming rate," said Mr Asang.
"Moreover, these will induce the loss of biodiversity and forest resources and later will affect the ecological system in the region and initiate the climate change which can result in a number of impacts such as: transboundary haze, natural disasters including heavy storm, flash flood and long period drought. These have put challenges for our technical and financial capacity which undoubtedly become constraints to achieve our ASEAN development goals on three pillars,"added Mr Asang.






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